About Me!!!

I am a young Chef from Mexico living in Canada.  Since I moved to Canada I realized how the local culture has mistaken the Mexican Cuisine with Tex-Mex Cuisine, that was the first reason why I decided to create this website with the purpose to share my knowledge in the real Mexican cuisine.

Marcel Randall

Marcel Randall de la Parra

I have over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry, with just my cultural background and culinary studies from different universities in Mexico that I used as my references and also the help of many Chefs and friends around the world with Mexican Cuisine knowledge.

Welcome to my website¬† “The Mexican Chef“.


“This page was created thanks to the idea of my companion and beautiful wife Anna-Marie.”



4 thoughts on “About Me!!!

  1. I am so glad you have this blog. I am a foodie and a person who loves to cook. Originally from Japan and I am in love with Mexican Cuisine. People do not understand the depth of Mexican cuisine in most places.
    I live in Vancouver but go to Mexico as often as we can. Look forward to your recipes! Yuki

  2. Hello, try to use at the bottom of the page the archive option, there you can find from month to month articles, if not try to use the search bar, or just let me know what recipes are you looking. Thanks for your comment

  3. Is there a link to your past recipe posts? If so, it is not easy to find. Really trying to share you out to friends, and that kind of link would help.

Thanks for your comment, this help me to improve the website