They carry their flavour to Texas / Llevan su sabor a Texas

Culinary arts students from the Politecnico of Guanajuato participated in the second phase of the “Yucatecan Cuisine Contest” in agreement with the culinary event “Savor Mexico.”

After a first side with the participation of 100 students, 46 finalists were selected for phase Yucatecan cooking drove the 8 winners will travel to represent the flavors of Mexico to Dallas Texas.

The competition started at nine o’clock in the auditorium of the institution where four categories: input, entrees, desserts and Mukimono the 46 participants and his assistant were given the task of creating this dish that reflects the state of Yucatan .

Jorge Levy, founder of Savor Mexico, Elizabeth Vargas, dean, Bill Shaffer, regional supervisor Sysco, Jesse Mendoza, vice Taxco Produce, Carmela Mendoza Taxco Produce, Katia and Delfino Anaya Montes organizer Savor Mexico and Gustavo Palma, director of the Degree in culinary arts formed the jury charge submissions qualify as health and personal hygiene, control of the prescription, application techniques, dish presentation, taste and balance of ingredients.

“They are going very well, they explained  well the meal,the ones that we have tried are very good, and presentations are being represented,” said Montes Delfino chef on the jury.

Among panuchos, wedding tamales with champurrado, lime soup, shark in lemon sauce, ice cream cake from the sky and it was like more than 7 hours of competition, we were able to discuss Anne Nova, Edwiges Mujica, Alejandra Arreguin, Sergio Hernandez, Erick Trujillo Escalante, Samir Paul Ontiveros, Mayra Estrada and Manuel Enriquez are the winners then they will going to their neighboring country for the next phase of the contest.1

Check the Spanish version in this link

Congratulations to the students and the University. Chef Marcel Randall



1. Luis Meza “Newspaper Reforma A.M.” 01-25-2012.

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